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My Sibling Loss Story

By Susan Neely-Barnes- Tennessee. I had just turned two years old when my brother, Will, was born. I do not have any memories of my life before he was around and some of my earliest life memories were of the many doctor’s visits he had as he was being diagnosed. These medical appointments resulted in

Curtain Closing

  By Nicole Hampton- Texas Special Siblings Connect I don’t know when I realized my brother was going to die; there’s no distinct memory of my parents sitting me down with fake smiles and teary eyes. But, it wasn’t something I was consciously aware of my whole life. Somewhere along the line, I understood without

I Miss You Briana

By: Bridget Ilene Delaney- Louisiana sibling Briana, I miss you. Nobody prepares you for how much it will hurt. Nobody prepares you to realize that you will even miss the challenges. Nobody prepares you that even now that you don't have the challenges you had; you wish you had them back because your sibling would

Identity Crisis

By: Mikaela Fox- Missouri sibling When I was 4 years old, my brother Patrick was born with a rare genetic condition. He had severe medical needs and required around the clock care. I don’t remember much of what life was like before Patrick was born. Everything in my family became centered around Patrick between the

Everyone Needs a David

By: Noel King- Illinois sibling The teeter-totter goes up and then down.  Up and down.  The childhood memory of David and I on the teeter-totter flashes through my mind as I sit looking at my brother’s tombstone.  David wasn’t a huge fan of the teeter-totter, but for just a couple of minutes – life was

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