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Being a sibling to someone with special needs can be challenging and rewarding at the same time.


It is rewarding because your sibling is the best. And it is challenging because loving your sib means facing really, really hard questions every single day.

Questions like: How can I accept my brother as he is, even as I hope he can grow and change? How can I best include my sister in my life? What do I need to know about Medicaid and Social Security? Should I talk to our parents about special needs trusts? And what about wills? Do they even HAVE wills? What if something were to happen tomorrow … ?

These questions (and more) arise, and you would rather not figure out the answers alone.

Your sib needs support, and your biggest secret is that you do too. Quite simply, you long for someone to help, someone who understands what it is like.

That is why we have created this resource guide for you. We are siblings too, and we think no sibling should have to go it alone … especially when there is a wealth of help, information, and support just waiting to be accessed.

In fact, we believe that getting connected can make all the difference.

Connecting to a key resource can help you make well-informed decisions which help in advocating for your brother or sister. Connecting with a fellow sibling helps you feel a sense of solidarity, and allows you to forge a lasting friendship with one another.

Supporting Illinois Brothers & Sisters (S.I.B.S.) champions siblings of people with disabilities in Illinois, offering compassionate solidarity and relevant resources in order to enhance the quality of life for siblings and families alike.

In other words: we are here to support you.

~ The S.I.B.S. Leadership Team

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