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Welcome to S.I.B.S.

Here at S.I.B.S., we know that one person can make a difference.

Our organization – an established Illinois non-profit serving siblings across the lifespan – began as the dream of one sibling. We believe in the power of an individual to catalyze change; we have seen it happen. Yet we also know this to be true: we are stronger together.

"S.I.B.S. is about finding people with whom I have common ground and a shared experience. It is about supporting each other through whatever our lives happen to look like right now." - A S.I.B.S. member

Supporting Illinois Brothers & Sisters (S.I.B.S.) champions siblings of people with disabilities in Illinois, offering solidarity and relevant resources to enhance the quality of life for siblings and families alike. We are the Illinois chapter of the national Sibling Leadership Network (SLN), supporting siblings across the lifespan.

Siblings play an important role in the lives of their brothers and sisters with disabilities. Yet siblings also have unique needs to discuss and address.

We appreciate the vital support and advocacy work focused on parents and people with disabilities. Too often, however, siblings have been left out of the dialogue. S.I.B.S. is a place wherein we seek to change that. We share stories and resources that empower more sibling voices to join the conversation. In doing so, we partner with parents and self-advocates, honoring the work they have done before us.

Life as a sibling comes with challenges and joys; we are siblings ourselves, so we understand. As an organization, there is much that we can do to help.

- We offer the reassurance that you are not alone.

- We provide resources, materials, events, and advocacy opportunities. We educate families and service providers on how to best support siblings.

- We raise the issue of sibling needs wherever and whenever possible.

We have seen just how effective we can be when we come together, so we gather to talk, listen, and learn from one another. We invite you to do likewise.

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