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Our mission is to provide support to siblings of people with disabilities in Illinois by connecting them with information, networking opportunities, and resources in order to enhance the quality of life for their entire family.


We believe in the exchanging of information between siblings and outside entities to promote understanding around the issues impacting our community. We affirm the unique roles, needs, and challenges Sibs experience across the lifespan of their siblings. We will support Sibs in understanding and accessing the options available to them in Illinois in order to meet present and future needs of their siblings.


We believe Sibs can be of great support to one another to enhance both our lives and the lives of our siblings. In community, Sibs are uniquely positioned to provide emotional support, build tools for resiliency, and learn from one another. We believe that through sharing our personal stories, we can help one another to navigate our related challenges and the dynamic needs of our siblings across the lifespan.


We believe individuals with disabilities have the same rights as all members of society to dignity, respect, and the opportunity to grow and to be productive members of their communities. We are committed to advocating for policies and services that meet the needs of our siblings and families. We promote the rights of all individuals with disabilities.


We believe Sibs can have a powerful, positive impact on their siblings’ experiences, and are uniquely positioned to ensure their present and future care in partnership with service organizations and government. We will provide the support network necessary to improve the quality of life of Sibs and their families.

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