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Here at S.I.B.S., you're not alone.

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S.I.B.S. is about finding people who have common ground and a shared experience.

 It’s about supporting each other through whatever our lives happen to look like right now.

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Twins with Down Syndrome in Wheelbarrow

S.I.B.S (Supporting Illinois Brothers and Sisters) began as the dream of one sibling. Today, we are an established Illinois non-profit serving siblings across the lifespan.

Here, we know that having a sibling with a disability comes with unique challenges as well as joys. As sibs, we play critical roles in the lives of our brothers and sisters—in fact, in many cases we will be their longest-lasting relationship in life, managing their care longer than our parents. And yet, few resources exist to specifically help siblings.

We appreciate the vital support and advocacy work focused on parents and people with disabilities. Too often, however, siblings have been left out of the conversation. That’s why S.I.B.S. was formed.

Are you a sibling to someone with a disability?

Here are some of the ways S.I.B.S. can help:


Connect with Community.

You are not alone in this! We offer tangible support as well as social opportunities to simply unwind with people who get it.


Learn with us.

We provide resources, materials, events, and advocacy opportunities. We educate families and service providers on how to best support siblings.


Speak out.

We raise the issue of sibling needs wherever and whenever possible.

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